Benedetto XVI

September 2, 2007

The Holy Father went on a pastoral visit to Loreto on the occasion of the national meeting of young people - Loreto 2007. "The Shrine of Loreto reminds us even today that to fully welcome the Word of life it is not enough to keep the gift received: instead, it is necessary to go, with solicitude, for other districts and in other cities, to communicate it with joy and gratitude, like the young Mary of Nazareth. Dear young people, keep the memory of this place in your heart and, like the seventy-two disciples designated by the Lord Jesus, go with determination and freedom of spirit: communicate peace, support those who are weak, prepare hearts for the newness of Christ. Announce that the Kingdom of God is near! "Here the complete speech. (

4th October 2012

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the visit of John XXIII, Pope Benedict XVI went to Loreto to celebrate mass and visit the Holy House to entrust the Year of Faith to the Holy Virgin. "Here in Loreto, we find a house that makes us stay, live, and at the same time makes us walk, reminds us that we are all pilgrims, that we must always be on the way to another home, to the definitive home, to the Eternal city, God's abode with redeemed humanity “Here is his complete speech. (