Pastoral care for the family is:

Offer pilgrims from Italy and Europe initiatives of spiritual formation suitable for young people and families, offering a specific service ranging from the care of hospitality and liturgical celebrations, to the prolonged formative - spiritual accompaniment of the various types and situations of life in which young people and families find themselves.

Offer residential opportunities for training courses or spirituality weekends for young people and families, also accessible to those with fewer economic possibilities.

Offer a new type of initiative, in content and method, paying particular attention never to replace what is done in the dioceses.

Make structures, contents and methods available to groups coming from Italian and European dioceses or parishes, so that they can carry out particular experiences of spirituality and formation together with their pastors, to become capable of re-proposing and disseminating them in local realities, according to the discernment of pastors themselves.

To help priests and consecrated persons not only to be good companions of groups and families to the Shrine of the Holy House, but to offer them specific training courses, because they can be teachers in the faith, leading towards a full maturation of the nuptial vocation of each person, choose it rather than live it (for example: training courses on discernment and vocational accompaniment to welcome the gift of virginity or marriage; training courses for the spiritual guidance of married couples).



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The words of the Holy Father at the start of the project

The Casa di Maria is also the home of the family. In the delicate situation of today's world, the family founded on marriage between a man and a woman takes on an essential importance and mission. It is necessary to rediscover the plan drawn up by God for the family, to reaffirm its greatness and its irreplaceable nature at the service of life and society. In the house of Nazareth, Mary experienced the multiplicity of family relationships as a daughter, fiancée, wife and mother. For this reason, every family, in its various components, finds hospitality here, inspiration to live their own identity. The domestic experience of the Blessed Virgin indicates that family and young people cannot be two parallel sectors of the pastoral care of our communities, but must walk closely together, because very often young people are what a family has given during their growth period. This perspective reassembles a vocational pastoral care that is attentive to expressing the face of Jesus in the many aspects of him, as a priest, as a husband, as a shepherd. "


(From the speech of Pope Francis_Loreto 25.03.2019)


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