The vocation of the Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto: Youth House

For tradition and popular devotion, the Holy House of Loreto is the place of the youthful life of Mary and Jesus and, at the same time, the home of the family of Jesus together with Mary and Joseph.


Therefore, directing the attention of Loreto pilgrims and promoting the pastoral care of the Shrine towards young people means corresponding fully to what this Shrine recalls, as Pope Francis recalled in his visit, which took place in Loreto on 25 March 2019.


"The Holy House is the home of young people, because here the Virgin Mary, the young woman full of grace, continues to speak to the new generations, accompanying each one in the search for their own vocation. It is called" Christus vivit - Christ lives ". of the vocation expressed in the three moments that marked the Synod: 1) listening to the Word-plan of God; 2) discernment; 3) decision ".


(from Pope Francis' speech in Loreto on 25.03.2019)

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