Congregazione della Santa Casa


The Universal Congregation of the Holy House was founded in 1883 by the bishop of Loreto Mons. Tommaso Gallucci and entrusted to the direction of the Capuchin friars.

In 1884 an agreement was stipulated between Mons. Tommaso Gallucci and the general minister of the Capuchin Order, Fr. Bernardo d'Andermatt, who, in making it known in a letter dated 1 November of that year, declared: "The general minister makes all those who enroll or will enroll in this Congregation participate in perpetuity in all the good works and of the suffrages which, by the mercy of God, are fulfilled in the Capuchin Order ”.

The primary purpose of the Congregation is to promote devotion and knowledge of the Holy House and the decorum of its Sanctuary by any means.


The first director was Fr. Peter from Malaga. His name is written in the annals of the Sanctuary of Loreto for the merits acquired in over twenty years as director of the Universal Congregation of the Holy House.


With him the devotion to the Holy House, after a long stasis for historical events, regained momentum and was promoted in all Catholic countries, with a universalistic vision that still arouses great admiration today. The decoration of the three main chapels of the nations and of the monumental dome is made possible thanks to the tireless activity that revived the devotion to the Madonna of Loreto and her Nazaretan house, procuring substantial offers from all over the world.



Those who enroll in the Universal Congregation of the Holy House enjoy some important spiritual benefits, which can also be extended to the deceased. It is possible to register a single person, living or dead, and a family of living or dead, or of living and dead together, or a group (association, brotherhood ...). The spiritual benefits are the following: plenary indulgence, participation in perpetual Mass and participation in prayers and works of charity that are carried out in the Capuchin Order.


Plenary indulgence. A plenary indulgence is granted to those who enroll in the Congregation on the day of enrollment and on 10 December of each year, the feast of the Madonna of Loreto. The indulgence is as valid for the living as it is for the dead. The conditions are: confession and communion within a period of about 15-20 days before or after the day of registration or the feast of 10 December; recite prayers according to the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff (for example: an Our Father and a Hail Mary); promise to be faithful to the commitments of the Congregation, which essentially consist in living in a Christian way. The purchase of the plenary indulgence does not involve a "local" visit to the sanctuary, so even those who register from anywhere can buy it. For this it is not necessary to recite a Creed and a Pater.


Participation in Perpetual Masses. Members participate in perpetuity in the spiritual benefits of a mass that is celebrated every day in the Sanctuary of Loreto. Also in this case both the living and the deceased can be registered.


Registration can be done directly in the offices of the Congregation, by post, including electronic mail, or online at the email ( The registration also includes, for those who wish, the Entrustment or Consecration of a living person to Our Lady, with the enjoyment of the same benefits.

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 Each family or individual can request a special blessing from the Pontifical Shrine of the Holy House of Loreto on the occasion of the sacraments or anniversaries.

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