Center Christus Vivit_ Giovanni Paolo II

The Holy Father, Pope Francis wanted the John Paul II Center, in Montorso, to be used for the implementation of the Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit, signed in the Holy House of Loreto

"A place where young people and their educators can feel welcomed, accompanied and helped to discern" (Loreto, 25 March 2019).

The Center offers a proposal of spirituality and spiritual retreats for young people and adults, entrusted to the Centro Aletti Association of Rome.

The Ignatian spiritual exercises are an experience that seeks to foster the unification between prayer and life, in the conviction that the possibility of spiritual fruitfulness lies in this organic unity. The proposal of the courses of spiritual exercises, of the days of retreat and of the formative courses does not aim above all to transmit notions, but wants to help people to mature that depth in the gaze of faith that favors and generates the memory of salvation and the integrity of life. .


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2022 proposals

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